Workshop Photos & Testimonials

Neal offers a variety of workshops, and Mid-coast Maine offers a variety of subjects on which to focus your camera.  Whether it’s breathtaking coastal panoramas, majestic maritime vessels, farms harking back to an earlier age, or magical sunlit skies, Neal’s workshops offer an exceptional opportunity to hone your photography skills and to see with fresh eyes the beauty that is Maine.

While each workshop is different, and locations change depending upon availability, weather, etc., here are some examples of what students of Neal Parent photography workshops may encounter:

While a student at Montgomery College and taking a photojournalism class, I was asked to take pictures of an art festival. At the Sugarloaf Crafts Festival in Gaithersburg, MD, Neal was the only person willing to let me take pictures of him and his artwork. Since meeting him back in 2004, I have taken classes with Neal about five times and he has helped me build my own darkroom. Aside from my classes in high school and college, Neal is by far the greatest teacher I have ever had and a fun person. Neal makes a week up in Maine informational and very enjoyable.” – Andy Sussman

Horse-drawn sled
Draft Horses

Aside from being knowledgeable about his craft, Neal has all the qualities one looks for in a teacher. Patience, kindness and the ability to make the complex seem simple.” – Beverly


“I had one of the best weeks I had in years. I learned a tremendous amount, laughed until it hurt and came away with treasures of friendships and photos.” – Tom Ashley

I have taken Neal’s courses 3 times and learned lots every time.

Summer Workshop
AngeliqueClass NightShoot1 Sunset During Angelique Workshop

Neal is an excellent master teacher plus he quickly makes the group cohesive.

FallWorkshop mtbattieshoot

It was everything I expected and more. The pace, the material and individual attention seemed perfect for the group. Your sense of humor and stories also made the workshop very enjoyable. I see a photo trip in my future with you somewhere! – Glenn Rich

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