Italy 2015

FlorenceThe ArnoInspiring Ponte VecchioCathedral CeilingChapel LightYesterday's Chapel David Hand of DavidNight Sculpture  Quiet StreetChapel Art Evening LightOld and NewLight DesignsThe CityThe MailboxThe KnockerStair ShadowsLantern ShadowsStreet Light Stone FaceStreet ReflectionStreet DesignThe DuomoStreet SilhouetteStairwell DesignsMorning's RiverThe Clothesline Leaky BootThe Lovers Resting Place Street MusicAfternoon Sun VendorStreet MerchantsLooking Down  Distant HillsTuscan SerenityAncientTuscan VistaThe CourtyardTuscan Vineyard

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